Sean Galloway

Sean Galloway´s site is always worth a visit. He is living in LA and is one of my favourite illustrators (like so many). To me, his style is simple, quick, well shaped and …. can´t describe it, I like it very much. Peep his sites on deviantart. Sean´s attitude: "it’s not if you can’t do it, it’s if you want to do it."


Mar is a Amsterdam based singer. Along with his partner Full Crate he released a lot of touching music which accompanies me for a few years now. I´m always suprised when new stuff comes along via the Internet. This one I´ve grabbed from Moovmnt. 1st session is new stuff from his upcoming project Mar Variations and is available for free download.

Ronald Kurniawan

I want to draw your attention to a person, the blog world has often talked about: Ronald Kurniawan. My personal favourite (beside so many illustrators), with work that is taking my breath, always when I see it. His output is remarkable. But enough talk. Go and visit his page. Go to site.


Zeitguised takes interesting journeys into shape and sound. Have a look:


OL – Random Phrase

OL from russia released his 7-track-ep Random Phrase on Error Broadcast. It´s on heavy rotation in my iTunes since last september – I like that. Support an play it loud. Via Generation Tapedeck. Bandcamp.

OL – Minus 613 by Error Broadcast

London: Meeting Of Styles 2010

The Meeting Of Styles 2010 was held in London. A few of the best aerosol painters of Europe gathered to celebrate creative freedom.


We think it´s time to post a little article about this musician called DevonWho. Those of you who know him by now know what I´m talking about. This is for those who don´t know him yet. The member of the KlipmodeCrew, DevonWho makes remarkable music we hear very often while working, eating, driving, partying and such. Sounds like somewhere between Uranus and Dilla´s legacy. I hope the GlitchHappens guys book him next december or january, so we can have a live experience. Buy his music via his Bandcamp Site or download the Waves EP for for free. Further links Soundcloud, Facebook, Myspace.

widmilshire by devonwho

FREE: Shafiq´s “En´A-Free-Ka”

Go and download Shafiq Husayn´s last Album “En´A-Free-Ka” for free via Amazon. One of the best and underated albums of the last year. Go and get it!

Stanton Postal Service

The Stanton Mail Postal Service engaged us to redo their Logo. We felt honored to work on this and were satisfied to hear, that the buero of Stantons Mayor is satisfied.

Aphroe/ Dorian Concept

Der Mann aus NRW (Aphroe) ist zurück und wir freuen uns. Schönes Inteview mit Dorian Concept. via Mixery Raw Deluxe.